LuLaRoe Americana Prints 2017



So LuLaRoe Consultants are getting this year Americana collection, and it’s flying off the shelves or should I say FaceBook pages!

But let’s talk about the prints!

So far, I am in love with this collection. But Like all LuLaRoe it is a hit or miss when it comes to the patterns. You just have to find one for you. And I will say this over and over again, “THERE IS A LULAROE PATTERN OR STYLE FOR EVERYONE.”

Patterns that I like:

My favorite this collection is the Star Prints and the Colorful overlapping prints of stars or the Continental US. I am in love with all of the ones that I have seen, so far.

I also love the Eagle prints. Not so much as the American Blad Eagle print from the side with the red background, as much as the ones with the blue background. The red is too bold and the dark blue/purple at the bottom of the head, I guess doesn’t photograph well. It just doesn’t look like it goes well with much. The blue is just more subtle.

One eagle print that is my unicorn is the black and white one. This reminds me of the back or the dollar bill. I love the artwork that has been put into our nation’s currency. It is so special and so much more intricate. Please, if you find them in TC, please let me know!

Here we have cute Bomb Pop stars.

I love the American Flags this year. This was a must have for me in my collection. I was upset that they didn’t have the leggings that are one full  American flag this year. All I have seen are overlapping flag patterns.

These Cute Dogs.

Love the Words they use too.

Of course these adorable Watermelons. I haven’t seen these for adults, only in children sizes

Patterns that I’m not Crazy about:

I will come straight out and say it, I do not like the Hot Dog pattern. But then again, I don’t like hot dogs in general. But with my olive complexion, I can not pull off yellow. The yellow with the hot dogs remind me of mustard and I never liked mustard. I don’t like the taste and smell of mustard.

When I look at a pattern or any kind of article of clothing, I want it to be something I can wear over and over again. To me, these patterns that I will be talking about seem more novelty and almost like a one-time wear pattern. LulLaRoe is not cheap to buy! Now if I’m going to pay $25 for a pair of leggings, I want to be able to wear it again and with different things, I do this with my clothes I look for something that can be timeless.

Other patterns I did not like are the Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty. The outline on the Statue of Liberty looks odd. Also, the outline of both images makes them look like cartoons instead of a vintage American classic look that you see with-in the other patterns.

The lines around the cheeks don’t do it for me.


Overall, this year collection is great! There is a lot I love and it was hard for me to keep my obsession to a minimum. I try to limit myself in what I buy and try not to go overboard. It is hard for me. As a person with an art background and a love for bright and exciting prints, LuLaRoe has been a blessing and a curse for me. Hopefully, this will be a great start to get my passion and obsession down on paper, or should I say computer.

Love you all,


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