Ways to Wear Your Carly



Carly with outside knot (1)
Carly with an outside knot. There are different ways that you can tie this. I went to the side but you can also tie any of these knots in the center of your Carly.
Carly with Sarah
Carly with a Sarah
Carly with inside knot
Carly with an inside knot. You can make it as low or high. Also how loose or tight you want to dress depends on how much you grab. Just make sure when you use the hair tie or rubber band, make sure you tie it as tight as possible so it doesn’t come undone.
Carly with Belt
Carly with a belt.


Carly with a Cassie
Carly with a Knotted T-Shirt
Carly Wrap
Carly Wrap Dress. Fold one seam to the other and just tie the Carly underneath with a hair tie where the meet on the side. Make sure you tie tight and securely and then adjust the folds as you seem fit.




Ways to Wear Your Carly

Every summer the Carly dress by LuLaRoe is great to wear out on the go. You just slip it on. Poof! You have a light flowy dress, that is comfortable and that hides all your bad spots. When it gets chilly you can slip on a pair of leggings underneath or put on a light jacket. But there is so much that you can do with this dress, besides just slipping it on. Most you can do with a hair tie or rubber band.

The Knots

First, are the ones you see being demonstrated a lot by consultants. It’s the side knot that you can tie on the side and have a slit. If you don’t like that huge knot on the side, you can also take a hair tie go underneath your dress to tie the knot. When you do that, it won’t show that lumpy knot. Now, you can always tie in the center of the Carly and there are different knots you can tie, here is a link that can show you how to tie. I just went with a basic knot for show.


The new way I love wearing a Carly is turning it into a wrap dress. Wearing this looks great a flattering on me and will look great on every size and shape. It has a Greek goddess look and feel to it. I do recommend going up a size or two when doing the wrap dress so the dress can have enough give to fold the dress from seam to seam. I will definitely be wearing this again and again.


When it’s cold outside, adding a Sarah or a Lindsey or any cardigan will keep you warm along with your leggings. But during the warmer months add a Joy or any vest will pop out your outfit while you stay cool. You can also add a T-Shirt and knot it at the bottom to create a different look. Or better yet, add a Cassie underneath and tie a knot to create something stylish

By adding a belt you tighten the top of the Carly and have a flair at the bottom. If you really want some flair and add elegance to your Carly, try adding a tulle petticoat underneath your Carly.  I love this idea! By doing this you are ready to go to a wedding or a cocktail party. Or better yet, get one of  Elegant Collection Carly’s add a petticoat and you are ready for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Now I got mine from Torrid for a Halloween costume a few years ago but you can also get a skirt on Amazon.  Now, I found one on Amazon for a great price (click here to buy the skirt) but if you don’t like it you can shop around and look at other places. A good time to get tulle skirts I found out is Halloween time so you might have to wait a little while to get one.

Love You All,


In this shoot: Carly dress, leggings, pencil skirt, vest, long sweater, and black t-shirt by LuLaRoe; Belt and tulle petticoat by Torrid; shoes by Lucky Brand






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