Wearing My First Ana Dress

 Why Long Dresses are Great for Any Occasion


When I found out about this dress and it doesn’t fit well with us busty girls, I was skeptical about wearing it.  But I had to give it a try to find out for myself and for the blog.

It took me a while to find a print I liked. Then I found this print and loved it, but I waited to buy it thinking that I would find another print. Well, I let it slip through my fingers and someone else bought it. I was so bummed! It would take me a couple more months to find another one of the same print in a sale group.

When I open the package and took the dress out I was amazed at how light the dress was. Although it looks like a heavy dress because of the print, it was light and perfect for the summer. They do make heavier dresses for the fall and winter. Like I said earlier, I was concern about the fit. Well, when I first put it on I notice how tight it was around the arms. My arms around my deltoid muscle area are bigger than most women. I was born with chunky arms. So when something is tight in the upper arms I do not like the way this feels. Eventually, it did loosen up and I felt more comfortable.

I love the pattern of this dress, the angle stripes, and the colors are amazing. The neutral earth tones mix in with the peach and the mint green is to die for. (Note: Mint green and teal are another favorite color of mine this season). All of this makes it so slimming on the body. This light, flowy dress is great for just running errands, or going out on a date night. In the winter it will be great for walking around keeping me warm. I recommend getting this dress for yourself.


Love you all,


*In this Shoot* Dress by LuLaRoe; Shoes by Grandco; Necklace by Hands of the World in Seattle, WA; Earrings are a Personal Collection

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