Jersey Shore: Wearing a Bikini 



It’s not a Jersey Blog without a trip to the shore once a year. I usually take my first trip mid-July because of the crowds between Memorial Day weekend to the 4th of July weekend. With work and the weather being sporadic during the June month, I don’t like going to the beach just yet.

I bought this bikini last year and fell in love with it. I only owned one other bikini in my life before, I was twelve. Now that I am older, I’ve learned a few things about people and my body. The truth is:  “Nobody cares what you look like and what you wear. As long as you stay out of their way, people will not bother you.” Everything we think about beauty standards and how we feel about our image is all internal. Sure! You are going to get one or two people that will call you “fat” but those kinds of people are shallow anyway.  More insecure about themselves then you are about your body….. Think about it……. Plus when someone calls someone “fat”, “ugly”, any negative name or just brings you down my advice is to remove that person from your life (this includes family). If you do keep them, you are just going to wind-up being depressed for the rest of your life.  As a person with depression, it’s not a fun feeling. Along with the medication, the only thing that works with keeping the depression down is not surrounding myself with negative people. Even on social media, I will block someone who fat shames.

Now, when I bought this swimsuit I’ve never thought that I would be photographing myself with so much skin expose and very little makeup on at the same time. But I enjoy this bikini! It’s comfortable, I feel confident in it, and it holds my breast the way I want them to be in a top. I love Torrid swim suits! I swear by them every year and have bought nothing but Torrid swimsuits for years. When Torrid came out with swimwear, they were leaders in the sense they design their swimsuits for us girls with a big bust. Before Torrid, I struggle in bathing suit tops. You always had to tie the straps of your suit so tight for the support that it would cut into you. All day you would be uncomfortable. Ever since these swimsuits came out, I do not feel that way.

The pattern on this bikini is great. I love how the colorful geometric print just works with my personality and that the blue is the dominant color of the group. For a cover up I just wore this light fringe kimono which is great because it’s not too heavy for the heat. The kimono is thin enough that you do need to wear sunscreen underneath.  I slapped on a pair of short-shorts for when I walk into a store so I’m not standing in line with just a bathing suit.  The bikini top makes a great crop top for walking around. I like high rise bikini bottoms because they are flattering for my hourglass figure. I would like to try something more low cut someday but I haven’t found anything that I like, so far.

I tend not to wear too much makeup when I go to the shore. I only apply a lip stain and waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I wear no foundation because I apply sunscreen to my face all day. Foundation tends to only have an SPF 15, you should always apply SPF 30 or more when at the beach. Now, what’s the one thing I cannot live without at the beach? Sunscreen! Skin cancer is quite common in women age 49 and below and the best way to protect yourself is with sunscreen and staying out of the sun as much as possible. I don’t care if I am tan or pale. I rather have pale skin than skin cancer and sun poisoning! Plus, in the shade, you still get UV rays. You might not cook as fast as you do directly in the sun but you still wind up with a glow.

As for the weather at the beach that day, it was perfect! Nice and cool, although the wind was very strong and kept messing up my hair. The water was a nice temperature; usually, Atlantic Ocean tends to be still cold this time of year.  I did get a little sunburnt from taking the photographs but with my olive complexion, I will tan right up for next time.

Take care, everyone, this summer! And always wear your sunscreen!

Love you all,


*In this Shoot* Bikini Top and Bottom by Torrid; Shorts by Torrid; Kimono by LuLaRoe; Sunglasses by Torrid: Shoes by Sperry 


Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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  1. I love this ,and I find this blog to be very helpful in getting the right bathing suit for me . I am very top heavy and its hard for me to find the right suit for me


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