My Last Outfit from The Deb Shop

This Was Suppose to Be About Wearing Florals For The Summer



Pretty much for ten years, I’ve been nothing but a Torrid girl. Every article of clothing I bought was from them. When I became familiar with LuLaroe that changed everything. Now, clothing brands are finally realizing that there is a plus size market out there that’s worth millions of dollars. So when I started this blog I wanted to explore new clothing brands. My first stop was the Deb Shops. I bought from them before, when they had a store in the mall, they were just coming out with a plus size line. Since then, I haven’t bought from them. I saw this dress and a pair for high rise ripped denim jeans that I figure would be great for the summer and fall. I decided to give them a try, again

I know my size and measurements very well and bought what I figured was my size according to their chart.  As soon as the clothes came in, I tried on the jeans and they fit perfectly. A week goes by and I decided to wear the jeans. Less than an hour later I sit down. And then it here “Ripp pp pp”! On the right pant leg, the top hole decides to rip down into the bottom hole on the leg. I was so upset! I barely wore them and they ripped! I don’t mind if I wore something for years and it rips. That’s normal! When something that rips on the first wear, then there is a problem!

I contacted Deb Shops the next available day they were open and explained what happened. I was hoping that they would exchange or get me a store credit towards the jeans. After having over 10 years of customer service experience myself I kind of understand return policies and what companies can do for you. I pretty much won’t contact customer service unless I absolutely have to.  When I contacted them, they explained to me that I had to email them pictures of the tear and they would review it. Okay! So I comply and send them an email explaining what happened and with pictures. Two days go by and they say that I am not eligible for a refund because the item was worn and had no tags and was not shipped in that condition. They sent me a copy of their return policy, in I read the policy and it says nothing about returning an item that is defective or breaks. All it states is that something cannot look worn. It doesn’t even have a statement if clothing ships to you damaged or faulty, which was my case.

The next day I called them again to get more of an explanation, also to explain what happen more thoroughly. I thought maybe something got lost in communication, and they thought that I wore it more than once or they didn’t know how the jeans ripped. Well, I was greeted poorly by customer service.  The supervisor was very rude to me. She said that they will not return the jeans and that it was actually my fault that they ripped and I intentionally ripped them. Now, I understand that there are people who try to one-up stores and there are return policies on not being able to return damage clothing. But in my experience, when a customer comes to me upset and says they only wore an item once. I will make an exception and return the clothing because anything you buy should not break on the first try! Unless it’s supposed to be disposable.

I had to get a third party involved in the dispute. Lucky for me I paid with Paypal and they helped with the situation. I was able to return both articles of clothing for a full refund (not including the cost of shipping the items back) and I still was able to shoot this! But this will be the last time I will buy anything from the Deb Shop. Here is the reason why?

One is because of the poor customer service. I assume other customers experienced something similar with them. Every time I call or try to get someone, the lines are all busy. Two, the clothes are poorly made. Listen, I am for a bargain but I do not like poorly made clothing that is high priced. That is exactly what the Deb Shops is. First, I had denim rip on me on the first wear. Second, in this outfit, I kept on having wardrobe malfunctions. The left part of the shorts kept on riding up. I would pull them down and the next step I took it would be in the same position. I couldn’t even fix the problem while photographing so I kept it for you all to see. Not to mention, it was tight in the shoulders and could not raise up my arms. I should have sized up, but normally I don’t have to go above a 2xl if the clothes that are made well. Clearly, the clothes run small because of cutting material so there is no excess and able to get as many patterns on the cloth.

After I shot this and looked back at the photos and saw what the romper did.  I had one of those “I feel fat moments”. Thinking that if I worked out and tone-up I wouldn’t have this problem. Then I realize it’s not me, it’s the poorly made clothes. I realize no matter how thin and tone I would be, I would still have this problem because the clothes are cheaply made.

This article was supposed to be about florals for the summer and how the prints are amazing. Because of what happened to me, it became about the Deb Shops and how I do not support and will not them. I’m not going to support and put a name behind a brand that I do not approve. I will be honest with you all, in my experience in trying new products. Frankly, I cannot support the Deb Shops in fear that they will treat my followers the same way.  I just could not put you through that.

Love you all,


* In this Shoot*

Dress by the Deb Shop

Shoes by Call It Spring

Sunglasses by Foster Grant


* I apologize for how long and negative this article is. I try to positive but I had a lot to say.




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