Lace and Camo


Two trends to watch out this fall are camo print and lace. I decided to get a head start on fall trends and wear them this summer. I can’t resist something when I see it online or in a store. That’s what happened to this lace body suit I found at Forever 21 Plus….. Oh, Forever 21, I love how you carry trendy things so inexpensively. So I don’t feel bad when I buy a pair of sandals with multi color pom-poms on it that I know will be out next season…. But what can I say? The lace and the blush/mauve color called to me and next thing I know it’s right at my door step.

I’m in love with this blush color. My advice is get something in your wardrobe in this color. It’s so adorable, soft, and pairs well with other things that it will look good on you no matter what. It’s almost like having a neutral color that looks good on everyone. Plus I love bodysuits this season. I love the tight sleek look and how they tuck into your pants smoothly. You don’t get that shirt bunch when you wear a body suit. You know what I mean?……. The little hump you get in your pants from where your shirt bunches because it’s too long and your pants are too short.

The bodysuit is sheer one, though.  If we weren’t going out that day I wouldn’t have put on a cami underneath to cover myself up. You can also put on a tube top too. I recommend a cami or tube top be close to your skin tone. I would have loved to show how sheer and edgy you can be with just a bra underneath but some people in this country I feel are just still a little too conservative when it comes to showing off certain parts of your body. But the white does bring out the blush color of the bodysuit.

For the camo, this is my first time owning an article of clothing that is camo print. I confess when I was younger I didn’t like camo print. And back in my early 20’s, it was every where. It was so popular and I didn’t wear it because the prints were so big and trendy looking. Plus I just didn’t like wearing something that was made for military and hunting purposes. I’ve always been a girl who’s taste in clothing has stayed the same throughout her life. So, trying on something new is hard for me. I’m just too stubborn sometimes. When I saw these and tried them on I love them, though. Perhaps because they are not as outrageous as some camo prints are? P.S. I’m not too crazy about camo prints with lettering on them. It’s just not practical enough for me.

The one thing I would change about this outfit is the shoes. I was running late and we were going to be walking a lot that day so I decided to put on sneakers. But you can also put on some combat boots. Or some cute brown or black chunky heel sandals and make a great outfit, bringing out some elegance. Even just the body suit and pants can be combined with so many different things this fall.

More Trends Comming soon………..

Love you all,


In This Shoot*

Lace Bodysuit by Forever 21 Plus

Camo Pants by Lane Byrant

White Cami by Torrid

Belt by Torrid

Sneakers by Vans


Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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