Day Trips


For our summer vacation, we decided to take a long weekend and do some day trips. My fiance and I we are more of fall/winter people and like to take longer vacations during that time. We took three-day trips around the Philadelphia area, you be surprised how much is in your neighborhood that you never see.


We drove three hours up to Pottsville, PA to visit/tour the oldest brewery in America, Yuengling. It was established in 1829 and was first called Eagle Brewery.  If you are from this Philadelphia area you grew up on Yuengling beer. Everyone I know likes a certain Yuengling and will drink it. Hell, Yuengling was my first beer! For me, I like the Premium Light Lager.

I wanted to take more pictures of the town with my camera after the tour ended but my fiance had a headache and wanted to get back home. So, I had to settle on the school parking lot while the sun is setting to take photos of my outfit. I was kind of upset about the situation. Rarely do I get to go somewhere but I couldn’t get photos of it. I really enjoy taking photographs of myself. It’s been helping me with my creative side and bringing out the artist in me. This is the first art medium that I have used that I want to do every day. I look forward taking my selfies every day.

Right now, I am struggling with friends and family understanding why I am blogging and what I am doing right now. I enjoy being alone and not bothering anyone when I am taking my pictures but I also want to take pictures in different locations and about my day. It’s just been hard trying to find a balance of going off and taking photographs and also not inconveniencing people that I am with.

Bodysuit by Forever 21 Plus

Jeans by Torrid

 Belt by Torrid

Combat Boots by Torrid

Handbag – VCoutoure by Kaboo



For this trip, I wanted something fun and carefree. I love this alien bodysuit that I found at Forever 21 plus. I paired it with some black jeggings and white shoes and a white belt trying to not take away from the body suit. I added some space buns for some fun!

It was a hot day so being inside the air conditioning was a relief and the cool breeze coming from the Camden water-front was a special treat. I got some great photos of the fish and other sea creatures there. Saw the hippopotamuses get fed 5lbs of bok choy, each. The penguins were very active, enjoying the weather. We really enjoyed our day!

Bodysuit by Forever 21 Plus

Jeans by Torrid

Belt by Torrid 

Shoes by Sperry 

Handbag  – VCoutoure by Kaboo


We saved Longwood Gardens for our last day. This was the place that Brad proposed to me New Year’s Eve of last year. It was the exact same bridge that I decided to shoot my outfit for the day. Of course this time, everything was in full bloom and more of the landscape was open. The river that the bridge crossed wasn’t drained for the season and we got to see the waterfall, it was so romantic. My favorite part was the rose bushes in the idea garden. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland which is my favorite book.

The day was great! Not too hot but not too cold, it was t-shirt weather. I wore black stripe white Julia dress from LuLaRoe paired with a denim vest. I paired it with some classic vans, you have to wear sneakers or some kind of walking shoe. You will be walking around a lot if you go. I do recommend you come to Longwood Gardens if you’re ever in the Philadelphia area. I still put my hair up to keep myself cool with all the walking that I did. Of course, every time I put my hair in a side braid I have this one strand of hair that never wants to stay put.

Which one was your favorite outfit? Let me know.

Love you all,


Julia Dress by LuLaRoe

Denim Vest by Ashley Stewart

Shoes by Vans

Handbag  – VCoutoure by Kaboo

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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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