Working With Limits


Hello, like I promised I will be talking about work attire this upcoming Fall 2017. Now, I wish I was like some people who can wear whatever they mostly like to work, but unfortunately, I cannot do that. Like most people, I have to consider work-friendly attire that is comfortable and fit certain needs…. I am working with limits.

Now my limits consist of certain rules….

  1. Must wear pants (preferably black)
  2. Cannot wear off the shoulder or tank tops.
  3. Cannot wear strapless bras
  4. .Must wear closed-toe shoes (black)
  5. Try to wear something with lots of pockets
  6. Not really an option….. will mainly be working in a warm environment.

Yeah! These rules have left me with not that many options in my wardrobe. And if you have to deal with something similar at your work, I feel your pain. All I ever wanted is to look cute and fashionable at work. But how can I look good but also fit those needs? Well, here is the solution I can up with.

First, if you can get away with bending the rules just a little…. why not? Instead of just black pants try a different color, like red. Red is a must-have for fall. Or even different textures, like corduroy or satin. Second is thinking about different pattern blouses. I’m wearing what might look like polka dots, but it’s Mikey’s! When I have limits I like to play with colors and patterns. I will also by multiple colors of the same top or pant because I know it will work with the dress code and be also comfortable. Last, is shoes. With closed-toe shoes that have to be comfortable (I’m on my feet all day), I will wear different sneakers or booties. The best thing about wearing something almost every day is that it wears out faster so you can get new clothes more often with a great excuse.

Love You All,


In This Shoot*

Top, Pants, Boots are all by Torrid


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