How Not Look Like Han Solo in the Fall


*Before I start I want to apologize for my knees in these photographs. Two days before I shot this I slipped and fell and scraped my knees. That is why they are red and scabby, in case you are wondering.

About two weeks ago my fiance, Brad, and I were out at a festival in a small town not that far from where we live. It was a beautiful fall, crisp night. A great night to wear your fall attire. As we are walking along the street, I hear Brad say, “It’s Han Solo season!”. I looked over and there are a bunch of ladies wearing what is known to Star Wars fans as the “Han Solo Look”. I started to laugh and then it dawned on me…. I need to write about this. Help women out in the world so we will not look like a Star Wars character for the whole fall season. Ladies, it is time to talk about the “Han Solo Look” and put an end to it!

So, what is the Han Solo Look? I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this meme or something similar to it:


It is a bunch of college girls wearing a white shirt, black puffy vest, skinny jeans or leggings, and their riding or hunter boots. This is the “Han Solo Look”. Any combination of this (you can be wearing a different color vest, shirt, or pants) makes a lady look like they dressed like the character Han Solo from the movie Star Wars. Why Han Solo? Because he was the first to wear this assemble back in 1977 when Star Wars: A New Hope came out. Not to mention his look is iconic to the nerd world.  Now for me, I know we cannot look our best all the time. Even I have my lazy, sweatpants days. But when I walk out of the house I never want to look like I am wearing a hero’s costume. I know we all want to be fashion forward and this is not the look. But there are other things in your wardrobe that you can wear that are similar but will not make you look like Han Solo.

When I try to put together a look that could change up the “Han Solo Look” I had to analyze what pieces make the “Han Solo Look” look like the actual look and what doesn’t. I had to ask my fellow Star Wars fan friends what makes the look iconic and we concluded this.:


Vest, shirt, leggings or jeans, and riding boots. So when I put together my outfit I knew I had to keep, take out, and changed some things. I decided to keep the riding boots. Change the shirt to a sweater and the leggings to shorts and stocking. I used fish nets but you can use regular black tights. And took out the vest. It’s time to get rid of the puffy vest it just too iconic with the character. You can wear a jacket or a wrap that will do the trick and look even more fashionable on you.

I know you want to wear your riding boots. So do I, I love them I just want everyone to be conscious of what they are pairing it with. I don’t know about you but when something like Han Solo Season is exposed to me, that is all I see. For me when you wear your boots this fall and winter just lose the vest and you will not look like Han Solo.

Love you all,


In this Shoot:

Sweater by Lane Bryant (Something similar)

Shorts by Torrid (Something similar)

Fishnet Tights by Torrid

Riding Boots by I.N.C. (Something similar)




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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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