Business Casual Plaid Dress


This week we actually got a day where it was above 65 degrees here in New Jersey.  I thought it would be a perfect day to wear this dress. So, I just threw this on, added some black tights and some black suede booties and I was good to go for the day.  It definitely makes a great day outfit, I was so comfortable and looked great for the fall.

Where did I get the dress? I got it from a website Plug Fashions. Now the theme and goal of the shop is to offer women trendy fashion without breaking the bank. I know we all love to find clothing that is in style, in our size, and affordable. That is always our goal when you work and earn a living for your money. You want something that is a steal but also looks good.

This Ladies Plaid Business Casual Dress is the first one that caught my eye.  I just loved the black and white plaid with the purple jacket and had to try it on.  The dress comes in different patterns with different color jackets and sizes range from a small to a 3XL. It also comes with a pleather belt that is easily reversible. And at under $20.00 it is quite a steal.  Do expect more outfits from this shop in the near future from me.

Love You All,

Valerie (JG)


In This Shoot:


Plaid Dress: Plug Fashion

Boots: Vintage (Similar Here)

Jewelry: My Own/Gifts

Tights: Torrid



Plug Fashions

Get 10% off when you spend $5 or more. Code jerseyfashion10

Get 20% off when you spend $20 or more. Code: jerseyfashion20



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