As we approach the end of the year it’s time for fancy holiday parties and all that glitz and glam. So, when I saw this DeAnne dress by LuLaRoe come out earlier this month I just had to have it. Lucky for me I had an excuse to get this dress, I had a wedding to go to. Plus I couldn’t wait to photograph this dress for you all. I mean, it a long sleeve black and white wrap dress with a gold marble-like pattern. Its classic, elegant, and not to mention comfortable to wear.  The empire waist makes sure you do not have to worry about your bottom part of your body, so you don’t have to wear Spanx on an evening out.

It’s a wrap dress, which means flattering on any body type. And comfortable too, especially for those long evenings.It’s a long dress and actually was a little too long for my body. But I did not have time to get it hemmed. I will for future parties. I had to wear heals underneath the dress to prevent some dragging. I wore my hair in a side bun, added an evening bag, and created a smoky eye for the night. Of course, it had to snow the day of the wedding so all day involved me lifting up my skirt really high while outside. I couldn’t get pictures while wearing the dress that very day. We were so busy and running around, I had to wait later that week.

Took me four hours to shoot this dress and I didn’t get that much. See while shooting, at my first location I ran into a problem that made me fear for my life. I had to leave the area and drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction to the next location. While rushing to get photographs my hair got windswept and I lost precious daylight. This was probably the most difficult photo shoot that I have done. On the positive side, I have learned from my mistakes.

Have a great holiday week!!

Love you all,

Valerie (JG)

In this Shoot:

DeAnne Wrap Dress by LuLaRoe

Handbag by Unknown (got it at TJMax). Shop similar here

Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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