Outlander Series




I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Waiting for a day to wear this outfit. The outfit is entirely from the Torrid Outlander collection. The sweater and skirt are from this year (2017) collection. If you want to know the truth, I am in love with the Outlander series and the books. I’m a sucker for historical fiction. So when this collection from Torrid came out I freaked!…. in excitement, of course………

I just love this entire outfit from head to toe. The sweater and skirt look like they come straight out the 1960’s. Personally, I am always down in wearing historical pieces. The sweater is a classic fisherman sweater, the speckle tan. Plus, it has holes for your thumbs so you don’t have to worry about your sleeves riding up. As for the skirt, I did want the other shorter Fraser tartan plaid skirt, shown here, at first. Torrid still has that one for sale in selected sizes, but not the one I have. But I went to buy it they were sold out of the shorter skirt in my size but not the one I have. Now it’s the opposite. I guess they can’t keep it in stock!


I did luck out, though, because if I got the shorter skirt I would not have been able to wear it this winter with the weather being in practicality in the teens this season. Even with this outfit, I have on nude tights underneath to keep myself warm. I also top the outfit off with some knee high socks with matching gloves and hat and my brown booties.

Now for my true love, the coat. When I watch the first season of Outlander the one thing I wanted was Claire’s coat. Just the color, the cut, and the fur trim. It is to die for! So two years ago when Torrid came out with the first their Outlander collection and they had a replica of Claire’s coat it was like fate! I even called my mom to tell her that they had it. She told me to get it because I haven’t bought a coat in eight years. So I justified my purchase and got the coat. Since then I could not figure out what to would go well with the coat. I mean it’s not an everyday coat. Until the following year, Torrid came out with their second Outlander series that included the sweater and it was all easy after that.

Claire’s coat is spectacular; the details are very similar to the coat worn in the TV series.  I mean it even has botany drawings on the inside lining of the coat. I’m just so in love! It’s just a unique cut for an item of clothing let alone a coat. I just love that it’s supposed to be 18th Century but you can wear it this century. If you can tell if I could choose a century attire to dress up in, it would be the 18th.  If I had the chance I would totally wear one for a day.

In the meantime, I will keep each piece for as long as I can. Yup, each one will be in my wardrobe until they rip. I am not giving these up.

Love you all,

Valerie (JG)

In this Shoot:

Coat by Torrid

Sweater by Torrid

Skirt by Torrid (similar here)

Knee high socks by Torrid (similar here)

Tights by Torrid

Booties by Sperry

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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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