My Winter Skin Care Routine


The one beauty regiment my mother always emphasize when I was a child was skin care. She always puts lotion on every day and claims that the one thing she splurges on in this life is her face cream. When I was younger, I ignore her, not that I didn’t want to put on lotion and take care of my skin but the fact is that I found it to be a waste of time. With being in school while working part-time, I just seemed like the logical thing to do. Take a quick shower and get other things done, like sleep, then spend the extra five-ten minutes every day putting on lotion which added up and prevented me from getting my school work done.

I did pay for it though, especially in the winter. Having eczema, when I do not take care of my skin it will get extremely dry to the point of cracking and bleeding and sometimes getting dry patches that will stay for months. My mother having psoriasis herself completely understand this and felt my pain when this happened. I guess that is why she would yell at me not putting on lotion when I was younger.

Now that I am older I understand more, that taking care of my skin is important for me as an eczema patient. It is your largest organ that you have and deserves your attention. Now, there are some people who do not need to put lotion on every day. Take my fiance, for example, his skin will never dry out, even in the winter. But for me, I need that time to put lotion on or something will happen to my skin. For me, I learned it is better taking preventive care, even when it is just a little bit, then treating dry skin, rashes, allergic reactions, dry patches, wrinkles, skin tags, sun spots, or suspicious cancerous cells when they appear.

Here is what I do and use every day/ week to treat my skin.

1. Fragrance-Free/ Dermogloist Recommended Products

Having eczema I stick to fragrance-free skin care products. I have to watch out what I put on my body, certain chemicals can cause an allergic reaction and I can break out into hives. That is why I stick to fragrance-free products and products that Dermogloist recommended. First, these products do not contain as many chemicals as those scent-infused lotions that make you smell good can. I stay tend to stay away from those novelty beauty products. Actually, most scented lotions have alcohol in them so the scent stays on your skin long gone after the lotion drys. And isopropyl alcohol drys the skin out more.  I also find some of some fragrance-free products smell just as good and sometimes better as scented products because of the natural products used. Take cocoa butter for example.

Also, a lot of the fragrance-free over the counter creams and lotions are used in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Because of this fragrance-free products are held to a different standard than other products. Plus they rarely change their formula because of this too. Which makes me rarely change up the products that I use because I know the next bottle will be just as good as the last.

2. I Even Watch What I Wash My Body With

Even what you wash your body with can be the cause damage, irritation, or even breakouts. So, I even have to be careful what I wash with. My fiance makes fun of me because I wash my body with Dove sensitive skin body wash because it smells like nothing. He says “it’s just soap and that it.” But it is the only thing that works. Anything else I might be able to use for a few days but then my skin gets all red and itchy. I view it as at least I am clean and I know that “just soap” won’t interfere with anything else I put on my skin.

Just recently I stop using microbeads to exfoliate my face every day. I use a Neutrogena redness reduction cleanser for my face, then an exfoliating cleanser twice a week to prevent acne. By switching this, I actually started to break out less. You see, it turns out exfoliating cleaners can cause your skin to dry and to break out even more. I stick to Neutrogena facial products because for some reason they have the right balance in the formula for my skin. When it comes to skin care products sometimes it all depends on your individual skin and your genes.

3. I Use Lotions Everyday and Creams Once a Week

The first thing you need to know is the difference between lotions and creams. Lotions have a higher water percentage with a little bit of oil in them. Creams have a higher oil percentage with less water in them. Having Eczema doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t produce much oil. What actually going on is my skin doesn’t evenly distribute the oil. Meaning my natural oils stay in one place.

Because of the uneven distribution, I have to have a fine balance on what I put on my skin. If my lotion is too watery, I don’t get enough hydration. If it’s too oily it stays on my skin locking in my oils causing me to break out more. And I especially have to watch what goes on my face. Lotions, creams, and even makeup can run into my eyes quickly for some reason cause me to cry uncontrollably. And yes there are even hypoallergenic products that I am allergic to. It just happens to people with skin conditions or to people in general. It all depends on your genetic makeup.  When something runs into my eyes have to stop what I am doing and wash my face. And when I am out, that is hard for me to do. So, when I try a new product, I wait before I go out just in case.

4. I Have a Tier System That I Use for My Skin

First, is lotions for every day. That is my Vaseline Intensive care and my Clinique Moisture Surge. This is my preventive base.

Second, I use creams once a week. This is for more hydration since they have more oil in them they last longer on the skin. I will also put creams on when I feel dry, a tightness of my skin, or a dry patch coming on. For this, I use Eucerin original cream and their anti-wrinkle cream for my face.

Third, is that I use Aquaphor on my lips to hydrate them,  and for dry patches when creams do not work. Aquaphor is universal, it can be also used for cuts, scrape, burns, and healing tattoos too. You can also use petroleum jelly replace of Aquaphor, except for tattoos. The difference is that Aquaphor is more water base. Nice tip: When my feet are dry and cracked I will put on cream, Aquaphor, or petroleum jelly and slip in a sock and the next day insta smooth feet.


Forth, when all else fails that’s when I go to prescription strength ointments. I confess there are times when I try everything else that is over the counter and nothing works. It comes with the territory of having eczema. I get dry patches or skin irritations that will not go away no matter what I put on it. That’s when it’s time to go to the doctor and get something stronger to make it disappear.

5.  Have A Relationship With A Dermatologist

Everyone skin is different. What works for me might not work for someone else. Who is going to help you find and recommend products for your particular skin but a Dermatologist? With four years of undergrad, another four in medical school, three years of residency, and a few more year on top of that in their specialty, Dermatologist know what they are looking at and what to look for. You never know what they are going to discover with your skin when you go. All I can do is tell you what works for me. I can not recommend anything, that is for a doctor to do. It’s just good to have a Dermatologist just in case there is an emergency with your skin so you can get in immediately don’t have to wait three months to see him/her.

6. I Accepted That I Am Going to Breakout and My Skin is Beautiful No Matter What

Everyone breakouts once in a while. So don’t panic if you do. It’s when your face is covered in acene or something will not go away in a couple of weeks is when you have to worry. I am almost 32 years old and I still get a pimple here and there even though I do preventive care. I know it probably, for example, due to my hormones or because I didn’t wash makeup off my face properly. But I know it is not the end of the world because I broke out or I had an eczema flare-up. That’s is what concealer is for. When you have skin like mine, I know it will never be perfect. I have whiteheads all over my body but that’s my skin and I learned to love it. My skin is beautiful the way it is, and that is why I love to take care of it.

If you have any questions about skin care

Or about my skin

or what else you would like for me to write about, comment below?

Love you all,

Valerie (JG)


  1. Love this blog, this was very helpful . it’s very important to nururish your shin everyday inside and out . I like how the blog shows you all the great products that are out there and you don’t need to spend a lot of money.Love all you blogs Jersey fashion keep on blogging .

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  2. I always thought skin care was drastically different from race to race but it seems that our routines are similar. Well, “routine.” I have a difficult time sticking to mine! Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It all comes own to time and prioritizing. Like you said in the post, it can be difficult to prioritize good skin care with everything else going on in your life.

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