Making Coffee









I’ve been drinking coffee since high school. I remember walking to the bus stop 6:50 in the morning almost every day with my travel mug spilling it on my clothes when the bus decided to hit a bump when I put the mug close to my lips. I started drinking it black in 2007 after I took a trip to Italy and everywhere you went there was no milk or cream. Ever since then, I could never go back to half & half, fully. Even if I am forced, it’s either cream or milk, never half & half.


As I get older I am becoming more of a coffee snob. I now have to freshly grind my coffee when I make it. I can now taste the difference too. Because I now buy whole bean I have trouble going to the grocery store to get my coffee. I hate being limited by the roast I can get. When you go to the local change grocery store, you can only get a brand’s original blend or light roast most of the time. I’m not a light roast or dark roast fan. So, go to special stores to get coffee.


I’m also excited about these photos I took indoors. You see the kitchen is the place I can get the best lighting in the house. You see I live in a house right now with a limited amount of small windows. I even feel bad for my cat, but even I wish to look out a see sunlight too.


My goal this year is to write more blog post for you all.  I am trying hard to achieve this, but the winter seems to slow things down with the weather being cold. It’s hard showing outfits through a coat. But as it starts getting warmer and I learn more and get more into photography I will try to achieve this. I’m trying to save up for more photography equipment because the more I do it, the more I realize I actually love doing this.

Love you all,

Valerie (JG)

In This Shoot

Sweater by Torrid

Shirt by Torrid

Jeggings by Torrid

Belt by Torrid

Shoes by Vans



Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

6 thoughts on “Making Coffee

  1. I can’t drink coffee, any kind tastes too bitter to me. But I’m getting more into frappacinos. It’s not coffee, but it is coffee-adjacent! Hahaha

    Do you take all of the pictures yourself? Because that’s amazing.

    Also, I’m really into that top. Funny and classy, I love it.

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  2. Yes, I do take my photos by myself. I have a digtal SLR and I just got a wireless remote for it. I had a wire remote before. Pretty much I take the ultimate selfie.
    FYI, I think the top is on sale or about to be on sale. Just to let you know. Note: Torrid doesn’t sponsor me, I mean they don’t even follow me on IG. lol


    1. Wow, I really need to get a DSLR. I’ve been using the same camcorder since late 2015 to record my videos. lol

      And the top is cute, but I can’t really fit new clothes into my budget right now. Still, it gives me ideas for when I can afford some new clothes again. Thanks for the info about the sale though.

      Which brand do you use for your camera? I think your photos look crisp, clear, and awesome. Especially for selfies!

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      1. I completely understand about the new clothes budget. I’ve had to cut back too.
        My camera is a Cannon EOS Rebel Ti4. My advice for cameras is don’t buy too expensive at first, only buy what you need. Usually you can get away with a okay body, it’s usually the lens that are important. All my lens are macros by the way.

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  3. Okay, that makes sense. I learned about all this stuff in school but it kind of went over my head! hahaha but that makes sense to focus on the body of the camera at first. Thanks for the advice!

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