I’m A Nova Babe!!





I’ve been so busy the past two weeks just with doctor’s appointments. Right now I am going through a new pain management program for my fibromyalgia condition. I hope this works. At this point, I am willing to do anything to feel better. I will tell you more about the program once I get fully approved and I’ve been on it for a while. I’m actually trying to vlog about my experience but I do not know where to begin or what to film or what I can show. So I am filming as much as I can and I will fill in the rest when I feel there is a concept finally going on.

This outfit shot a few weeks ago, you see a month ago I was approached by Fashion Nova to show off some of their clothes to my viewers. I been nothing but flattered!!! I am now officially a Nova Babe!!!

They send me over these really cool ripped skinny jeans and this rust color sweater with these amazing pearl embellishment on the sleeves.  The pearls are so beautiful. And are just too cute to not pass up and wear. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to wear this sweater even more. I’m so glad they sent this top! I didn’t pair it with anything else because I wanted the pearls to stand out on their own. I just added the jeans and some flatform shoes and was able to go on my merry way.

The best thing about being a Nova Babe is I get to share a 20% off discount code. Feel free to use it so Fashion Nova knows who sent you! The code is JERSEYFASHION!

Winter is about to be almost over and right now I am trying look for spring/summer clothes to share with you all! I cannot wait for the season to change again! And share more with youse guys especially South Jersey in the spring! It is so beautiful where I live in the spring. So many plants go into bloom! I hope to get some cherry blossom shots this year!

Well, let me know what you all think!

Love you all,

Valerie (Jersey Girl)

In this Shoot

Sweater by Fashion Nova

Jeans by Fashion Nova

Belt by Torrid

Shoes by ASOS

For 20% off your next purchase at Fashion Nova Use Code: JERSEYFASHION!


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