Cheap Clothes Do Not Keep You Warm











Recently I just haven’t enjoyed what I am wearing while I am shooting. I am getting clothes from China that just do not meet the standard of everyday wear clothing. I just dread wearing these clothes, especially this winter. When I walk out of my house I want to be warm and cozy, I usually have to take off my coat so I can show you all the full outfit so I need thick, long sleeve clothing in order to do that. The clothes I’ve been sent this season have been so thin and so uncomfortable I dread putting them on. With temperatures being in the 30’s I freeze the whole time I am out shooting. These thin, cheap fabric clothes are not good for the north. It’s been awhile since I felt warm in a cold photo shoot.

So here is my advice, when you live up in the Northern part of the United States and in Europe, you cannot buy cheap clothing. The way they are manufactured by cutting every corner they are not made out of warm materials that you need in temperate zones. You have to splurge on clothes. Especially in the winter!!! Cheap, thin materials do not keep you warm!

Winter is hard on a person as is. Things slow down, daylight is shorter, and there is no color when you walk outside. Your environment is neutral. So having the right clothes for the season is a must. Like I said sometimes comfort trumps fashion for me. I realize in the winter I want to be more comfortable then cute. I want the big chunky sweaters and sweatshirts with the thick jeans or joggers on. Wearing thick socks with an insulated boot. Putting on my wool coat with a knitted scarf, hat, and thick gloves. It’s depression weather as is; I do not want to be depressed in what I am wearing while also being uncomfortable.

When I saw the dress picture it didn’t look too bad. It looked a little loose on the model but not too loose that it looks baggy on her. It was long and actually hit the ground for the model. I liked the golden one more than the blue. When I got it and tried it on, mine was tight in the hips, not loose at all, and the length did not even go to my ankles. And I am 5’3”, everything is practically long on me unless I get petite sizes.

I paired it with my denim moto jacket and some sneakers to create a street style look. When I went outside to shoot it, it was raining and about 42 degrees and windy. Meaning it was colder than it sounded like. Here in Jersey, it rains most of the time here. When it rains most of the time you are freezing when you are outside.  I couldn’t wear gloves or my parka because they just did not pair well the dress. The dress is so thin and the length did not go down long enough for a mid-length jacket to be well proportion. And wearing gloves would just have not looked right with ankles showing and wearing a denim moto jacket with cotton gloves.

So this is my advice to you, just because something is long sleeves does not mean it is warm. You can have summer clothing that is long sleeve and keeps you cool.  If you are trying to sell clothes, make sure you appeal to all the country you’re are selling to. The United States is a very large country and most of it is actually a temperate zone climate so that means it has winters and women love to be warm in the winter. When you are a girl who lives in a rainy area, like me, your main priority is to be dry and warm. I don’t know what you like to look for in clothes, please let me know what you need in the comments. I’ll do research for you.

Love you all,

Valerie (your Jersey Girl)



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