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So I have the privilege to review a quarterly (every three months) panty subscription call Panty Drop. Every three months you get three new pairs of underwear. You fill out a survey about what you like and they customize a box to fit your style. There are free shipping and free returns and you can cancel anytime!

I confess I am terrible when it comes to underwear. All I ever wear are the Hanes high waisted granny panties. You know the standard cotton ones that come like five or seven in a pack. Yeah!! I wear them!!!….as I hang my head down low…… They are comfortable, I know they will fit over my hips, they prevent chafing, and they are made of cotton so I know I will breathe. My fiancé teases me for wearing granny panties all the time.

The truth is I can never find anything that is sexy, comfortable and fit well for me. When it comes to lingerie I tend to buy base on the looks. I don’t know much about the cut of underwear and how it can correlate to comfort and even the sizing. Because of that, I tend to buy underwear that is either too big or too small for me. Then they just cause too many problems and they wind up at the bottom of the drawer never to be worn again. Let’s say I do find a brand and cut that I do like and feel great, what eventually happens is that my monthly gift decides to come unexpectedly and they get ruined. So there goes my favorite 3 for $25 panties.


So I was excited when Panty Drop gave me some underwear. I filled out a survey saying what I like in underwear shape, size, and color. When they wear ready to be shipped, I got a notification and they came in a couple of days after they were shipped. I got three pairs: a blue pair, a purple pair, and a brown foxers pair. I wore the blue pair first and enjoyed it very much. I just like the softness and the comfort. The only thing I wish for the blue and purple pair was the waist to be higher. I like it when underwear goes over my hips so they don’t fall down.

My favorite pair had to be the brown boy shorts. Even though they are not a far cry from my regular cotton briefs I normally wear. But they fit the best out of all three pairs. I do love the material the other two are made out of, the nylon fabric, which actually feels nice. I guess my ideal pair would be the cut of the brown one with the material of the other two. Overall, this experience made me like having nice underwear again. Thank you Panty Drop for taking me out of my comfort zone.

P.S. I apologize for the photos. A) Right now I live in a studio basement apartment at my in-law’s house, therefore I do not get that much light. I do not have spotlights or indoor photography equipment. Indoor photography is defiantly my weakness right now. I have to learn how to get better. B) I have a cat and they are hard to move out of your way.

Love you all,

Valerie (a.k.a Jersey Girl)

In this Shoot:

Panty by Panty Drop

Bralette by Torrid

Pajama Shirt by Torrid: You can shop Torrid PJ’s Shirts Here)

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