The Ashely Nell Tipton Collection:

Why Plus Size Women Need to Support Ashley Nell Tipton







In the fall of 2015, the 14th season of Project Runway aired. What made this season special is that the winner won with an all plus size collection. This was a major breakthrough in plus size fashion. And I was so excited! Then, Ashley Nell Tipton did her collection for JC Penny’s that came out in 2017.  When I saw the collection I fell in love with it, they did it all for us plus size babes. And I bought two items from the limited edition collection. Last Fall 2017 she released her own line on her personal website. I had to have something.

I really wanted to get something of hers, but like most of you, I cannot afford a lot of clothes. I would love to be able to buy high-end clothes if they even exist for plus size girls. Hell, I would love to be able to afford even middle-end clothes! I know what I buy is consider low-end clothes in the fashion industry and even Ashley Nell Tipton’s collection is considered low-end. But no matter what the cost is, I feel that we as women who wear a size US 12 or above have to support someone like her.  Around November of last year, she had a Black Friday sale and that’s when I got this bodysuit.

See, as plus size women, we have to support any designer that is willing to make a plus size line. The one thing I want is for the top designers to recognize plus sizes. Either for them to have a plus size line or expand their sizes. Or have a plus size designer be a household name. So how do we get our voices out in the fashion industry and be accepted? Well, the like any other consumer based industry, fashion is run by one thing: money. By showing other designers that plus size women are willing to pay money for designer name fashion we will get our voices out.

By showing that our money is just as good as any other person out there and that they are plus size women that can afford high-end fashion and are willing to pay for it. The fashion industry will understand that they are losing millions of dollars, that is when things will change. When they realize that there is a market for plus size clothing and they are not getting their cut. By supporting designers like Ashley Nell Tipton, we are paving the way for the industry to open their minds and accept larger women.

Because when you buy something from her and she’s is some making money or even more money than other designers. Fashion designers and companies will take notice.  Since she is one of the few designers that do cater to plus size women and her name is getting out there in the world. And you know us plus size girls are a close-knit community and we do talk to each other when we find great plus size brands. Fashion designers will realize that Ashley Nell Tipton is becoming a name and is successful.  That’s all that any fashion designer wants, is his or her name out there and to make money off of their dream. Once they find out that the plus size fashion industry is an easy way to get their feet in the door more designers and fashion companies will start to come over and expand their sizes.

So if we support designers like Ashley Nell Tipton we make a voice with our bank accounts. That’s is why I made a vow to support her so I can say that I want larger sizes in clothing. So every time she comes out with a new collection, I will try to buy something of hers and I think other plus size women should do the same thing too. You do not have to like everything she designs but you do have to like the fact that she is helping plus size fashion in becoming mainstream and accepted in the fashion industry.

P.S. The bodysuit is super soft, the material feels like butter when I touched it for the first time. It hugged me in all the right places and all day it never felt like the top was going to fall down and have me put on a free show. It was definitely made well.

Love you all,

Valerie (a.k.a Jersey Girl)

In This Shoot:

Body Suit by Ashley Nell Tipton

Jeans by Torrid

Shoes by Sperry


Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

One thought on “The Ashely Nell Tipton Collection:

  1. I loved Ashley on project runway I thought it was great when she won, she was also one of the youngest on the show.Her clothes are great. I love this body suit it looks great on you.

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