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Happy May the Fourth!!!

As you all may or may not know I am a huge Star Wars fan. So I had to wear an outfit that was Star Wars inspired! I did this for my fiancé and all my Star Wars friends/nerds that I have grown to love over the past few years. I’m hoping this will be a yearly thing that I do for us Star Wars Fans.

I wanted this to just be a fun outfit for a fun day. I got the leggings two years ago when The Force Awakens came out. It’s of my favorite Star Wars artwork. It’s one of the original artworks from when A New Hope came out in 1977. It has Luke and Leia in the foreground on a mound holding some epic poses. While C3PO and R2D2 look from afar. While Darth Vader, The Death Star, and some X-Wings space fighters are in the background. Pew Pew! I just love how timeless the artwork looks like it came out of the pages of some Greek mythology.


I wanted the leggings to stand out so I paired it with a long georgette tank and a white button-down shirt. I put on my chucks for comfort and went out to a park and have fun. My friend gave me some handmade bags a couple of months ago that one of her friends makes and sells on Etsy. She makes bags that have Disney themed prints on them. I will link her Etsy page down below so you can check it out. It just fits so perfectly with this Star Wars themed outfit, I had to wear it for the day. Plus it has my favorite character and the character I named my cat after on it, Boba Fett.

Enjoy your day! I cannot wait for the Han Solo movie that comes out on the 25th of this year!

Love You All,

Valerie (your very Jersey Girl)

In This Shoot:

Star Wars Leggings by Torrid

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  1. I love this Star wars look.It’s so cool .very nice bag to . The whole look looks so pulled together. I just love it ,keep up the great work and keep the looks coming.

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