Top 10 Festival Tips and More



I know festival season actually started last month with Coachella staring it off in May. But doesn’t mean more are not coming in the next few summer months. With the warm weather ahead and finally young adults off for summer vacation, festival season is kicking into top gear. Here are my tips and tricks that I have from over the past years. For either, they are just a one day or a three-day festival these tips and tricks are good for any outdoor concert. I know as a girl you want to also look good and comfortable. For us women, a festival has become more of a fashion show. So I combine my tips with also what is trendy to wear at a festival for us babes.

Here are some examples I wore to help you get some ideas. Do read the whole list and description there is extra tips and tricks in each topic.  I hope this helps you all!


In this Shoot:

Hat by ASOS

Sunglass by Torrid

Top by Torrid

Maxi Skirt by LuLaRoe

Shoes by ASOS

Backpack by Steve Madden

1. Crochet and Crops Top

One of the things you are going to see around the festival is belly buttons. It’s hot out and any opportunity girls have to show as much skin as possible they will, and crop tops are just another way. So why can’t us curvy girls also wear crop tops during the festival too? I love wearing crops tops and I feel great in them. Yeah, I have to wear a high waisted pant or skirt when I do but so should skinny girls. I think showing off your full belly is too much and not chic enough. You just need to show enough skin to keep cool.

Something crochet is great for your festival wardrobe, it’s like fringe, it’s just a good texture for concerts and festivals. Also, it is breathable.  I could not find a regular crochet crop top that I liked so I went with this bathing suit top. It is actually a great way to go crop top wise if you find the right pattern or cut. Find one that is good support for your bust. This is one I got from Torrid. Not only does it have an adjustable back to tighten but it also has a halter and two adjustable spaghetti straps for even more comfort. I do not need to put on a bra which is one less layer to worry about in the hot sun.

 2. Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are just long, flowy, and loose. Great for keeping you cool and also covered in the hot sun. Your goal for your skin is not to get it sunburned while keeping cool and hydrated. Maxi skirts are a good way to do this while looking great. I did add some platform espadrilles to keep the bottom of the maxi skirt from dragging on the ground. You never know if the ground will be wet and muddy when you are at a festival.

3. Hat

In this kind of sunny weather bringing a hat is the best idea beside sunscreen! It covers your head and protects your face from the sun. I am wearing a beater hat but you can also get a straw hat, baker boy cap, cowboy or a fedora. Do make sure your hat has a rim so it can be useful. I would stay away from baseball caps, they are not chic enough and look like you are going to work out. You are kind of at a party! You want to look your best, I don’t know about you but I don’t find baseball caps flattering at all with my outfits. Also, do not forget to put on sunglass too. Even though, your eyes might be sheltered still UV rays can get to them underneath the hat’s rim and into your eyes.

4. Backpack

A backpack is necessary when you are out all day with nowhere to lay all your stuff down.  A backpack is better than a purse for a couple of reasons. First, it is easy to carry. You put it on your back and it makes carrying all your stuff including all of your heavy water bottles just lighter. Second, it makes it harder to steal than a purse. If someone tries to run and snatch it, they are going to struggle. Also, backpacks usually have smaller compartments so you can hide any valuables. Now, you don’t have to have as big of a backpack as I do. You can get a small purse size backpack. The only thing I recommend is to keep your phone, cash, id, and any cards on your person, just in case you do set down your bag and it gets stolen lost. At least you have all of your basics on you still if that happens.


In This Shoot:

Sunglasses by Torrid

T-shirt by Torrid

Cardigan by Style & Co

Shorts by 2020 Ave

Shoes by Converse

Bag was gotten at Thread Up

5. Fringe

Fringe is fun! Fringe is just so rocker! You got to wear fringe while you are a concert. It’s a must-have. That’s why I opted to wear this light knit cardigan with a fringe bottom. It’s not great for the day when the heat is at its peak but at night when it’s cooler out it’s perfect to wear. Just keep it in your backpack until the sun is set and you got something to wear or it might be a cool day. Especially during the early and later months. I also added a fringe cross body bag to this outfit. If you do choose to bring a handbag, make sure it’s a cross body bag that you can wear the strap diagonally to prevent it from being stolen off of you. Also, my advice is if you do choose to have a smaller bag and you are with a group, make sure one of you has a big enough backpack so they can carry the bigger, heavy stuff for everyone else.

6. Graphic/ Band Tee

I see this all the time, this is when girls bust out their band tees or buy a bunch of band tees: when they are about to go to a concert. Just keep these tees fun and neutral and try not to wear one every day you are there. Make sure that you just wear a tee by a band that is broken up or will not be at the concert. As the words from Droz from PCU, “Don’t Be That Guy!” And you do not want to be that guy that wears the t-shirt of the band you are going to see. It is a fashion faux pas.

7. Shorts!

What’s the most comfortable thing to wear to a concert? Shorts, a t-shirt, and some sneakers. Jeans and a t-shirt during the fall/winter. So you have to wear shorts. You can wear any kind of shorts you want to black, denim, or cloth. I am wearing black shorts with a lace up detail on the front to add some edge to my outfit. For comfy, loose cotton shorts just make sure they are not work-out gear shorts. Or you will look like what we call here around Philly, ‘Delco”.  Go for a looser jumper/ gauze short, like the ones I have in the next outfit.


In This Shoot:

Denim Vest by Ashley Stewart

Tank Top by Torrid

Shorts by Torrid

Shoes by Torrid

Sunglasses gotten in Seattle, Washington

8. Denim Vest

I know I say a denim vest but I mean denim jacket too. I say a vest because a jacket might be too heavy for the summer, a vest gives you the same look but less heavy. I mean you can buy any denim jacket or vest you can find. Mine is a medium wash but you can do black, military green, embroidery pattern, any cool color or white. You can have fun with your denim. I know I paired with a tank top and shorts, again. But don’t forget you can maybe add a denim vest to a nice set too, I could not find any I like in plus size for this post but I wanted to show three looks because festivals usually are for three days.

9. Braids

Everywhere I go I see girls with braided hairstyles. It’s like a must-have hairdo for the summer and for festivals. Usually, during major festivals, there is one tent that offers hair braiding. Whether it is for a price or for a certain amount of purchase. Do try and get a braided hairdo in on one of your days there. I know I am not the best braider in the world but the more I do it the better I am getting at braiding my own hair. So try looking at YouTube tutorials or spend the money to get your hair braided. They do add some cool hair accessories when you do.

10. Flat Shoes

If you are going to be on your feet all day you need proper footwear. Here is a story, my sister and I were at a Flogging Molly concert at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory. We went to the restroom and as we came out there was vomit on the floor. As we walk away we see more vomit and then more and more. It was everywhere on the main floor. Someone got really drunk and was vomiting all over the floor while his friend was dragging him all around while still purging. It was hard to avoid. And my sister got some all over her brand new sneakers, they were ruined and she had to throw them out the next day. So my advice to you is do not wear your Gucci loafers to a concert. You never know what you are going to step in and ruin your shoes. Wear something that is cheap and comfortable and is easy to clean or throw away if you need a new pair.

Other things

Along with these few style and festival idea here are a few other things you are going to need while you are there.

  • Sunscreen: You are out in the sun, do make sure you are protecting your skin. Wear at least SPF 30 or 50. Make sure you put some on under your makeup, most foundations only do SPF 15 and that is not high enough to keep your skin safe.
  • Sunglass: Whether it is just your one favorite pair or multiples, do bring a pair to keep the sun out of your eyes. Make sure they have UV protection, too. Too much of the sun can cause damage to your eyes.
  • Baby wipes: These things are amazing! They are a great makeup remover. I find I need one baby wipe to three makeup remover wipes. And they do not break me out, just make sure you get unscented. If you get a stain on your clothes, use a baby wipe, they actually get the stain out really well. Also, great of wiping things down for when you need.
  • Hand sanitizer: For when you cannot find a place to wash your hands
  • Water: All festivals allow you to bring hydration packs and sealed water bottles up to a certain amount. They cannot deny you this, because water is a necessity and you cannot be forced to pay for water there. So save some money and bring your own.

Also, bring anything else you can think of that you might need. Such as chub rub powder, stick, or gel. I will write another post of my favorite chub rub products. Also, don’t bring your whole makeup bag, I would stick with an everlasting lipstick, eyeliner, and bring a foundation compact for touch-ups.

But most all do have fun!

Love you all,

Valerie (a.k.a Jersey Girl)

  1. Omg,this such a great blog.This is also great for a day out down the shore on the boards .I love this and all the look are great ,I will try all the this ,thank you very helpful for the summer

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