It’s A Dress Party



So a while back the store I work at had a dress party and we were required to wear a dress. I wore this high, low daisy pattern dress I got at the beginning of the season from Torrid. You see, like most big busted women I have the issue where from the top of my shoulder to where my bra wings start is quite short and that means any type sleeveless shirt or dress is too long and will show my bra wing when I lift up my arms. So I do not fit into the standard tank top strap size. The same thing goes for this dress, the length from shoulder to pit is too long for me. Therefore, I had to place a jean vest overtop not to expose my bra underneath.  The only issue is that it was a hot, muggy, humid day so I took it off so I could breathe. So bra exposure once again.

But I love the pattern of the dress. Daisy is by far my favorite flower. So anything daisy print is a must for me. So this dress is a must-have for me, the beautiful rust color and the floral print is just something. I added some of my favorite rings and my white sneaker by Sperry. Sneakers and dress sometimes look so cool, and this dress does it that style so well.

So as for my week, well…………………. I kind of crashed and burn this Tuesday with back spasms from my degenerative disk that I have. You see I actually been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which means that I have chronic pain and inflammation. So they do not know what is going on but I have evidence that I do have a problem. The only issue is that I can overdo it while working, I call this a crash and burn. And that is what exactly going on this week. I am working more hours than my body can handle.  I only wanted to work around 20 hours; three to four days-per-week. Well, I’ve been doing more than that and working six days a week, and more than 30 hours. I actually saw my GP and will see my Rheumatologist next week about my work situation about maybe cutting my hours or going some kind of disability.  I know part-time doesn’t seem that much, but when you are dealing with chronic pain, it does add up.  Especially when you can work up to six hours without a break and only have one 30-minute break for a 7-8-hour work day. Another thing is that I cannot wear sneakers to work, so when my feet swell, I am screwed and just make myself worse.  It not so really great when you cannot wear something comfortable when you are sick.

Well, that is all for now. I will keep you in the loop. Trying to put out more content, especially on Instagram. I actually have an IG TV page, where I will be making videos for. I’m excited about this because you do not need to switch to YouTube anymore catch people’s videos that you follow on Instagram.

Please go check it out!!! You can actually watch IG TV from your computer. And make sure you follow me on Instagram too.


Love you all,

Valerie (AKA Jersey Girl)

In This Shoot:

Dress by Torrid

Vest by Ashley Sweart

Shoes by Sperry

Bag by Thred Up



Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

One thought on “It’s A Dress Party

  1. Love the dress and the sunglasses, the whole look is fabulous so sorry to here that you don’t feel well .take care of yourself and feel better


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