Pastel Plaid



Don’t adjust your screen, what you see is its true color. Yes, I am wearing a pastel shirt! It’s so far away from my usual bold, dark colors. The shirt is a trendy color for this year: Lavender. Plaid is on trend, too, well bright plaids! But for me, plaid is always in! I just love this top: the color, the silhouette, the lace detail on the ends, and the bow in the back. Because it was a looser top, I paired it with my skinny jeans. And a brand new pair of flats that are so comfy. I loved them so much, that I went back to the store and bought the black and leopard print pair.

Speaking of skinny jeans; I am happy and also sad that they are going out of trend. I’m happy about the change because skinny has been dominating the jean market for years and people were just getting sick and tired of it. I’m also sad because I love skinny jeans. They look good on me, with my height and leg shape. I guess because they look like straight cut jeans on me. I never looked good in boot cut. Usually, with boot cut jeans, I have to get them tailored for my leg. For this season, I plan on buying some straight and boot cut legs for a change and to get out of my comfort zone. But I will always love skinny jeans and will continue to wear them.

Now, I plan to write my blog post from now on the first half about fashion and the second half about what is going on in my life. As of right now, I feel like I have gotten my life back from work. I have found a perfect balance between working for a company and living my life. Even though my dream job is to work for myself. I was working too many hours on my feet with having a chronic illness. So, I started to have a conversation with my boss and she did not understand what was going on. For most people, it can be hard for them to understand that someone is sick when they look perfectly all right. But for most people who are chronically sick, they do look fine on the outside because when they are having a bad day, they are not outside running around. You barely see them when they are at their worse because we have to hide and stay indoors.

So the last straw happened two weeks ago. I had called out because I had a bad day, my energy level reached rock bottom and I could not get out of bed. Well, when I got back I saw on the schedule that I was working four eight hour shifts in a row. When I saw it, my body was like, “no”.  So I had enough, I explained on a note that this was too much and I can no longer work over 20 hours a week. I had it changed and now that I only worked 20 hours I actually feel great. It was hard telling my boss that I need to work fewer hours. Growing up in a society where your job is the number one thing in your life. You work expects you to always be available, work hard, and always go above and beyond the call of duty. I think that’s why I hear so many Americans say that they are always tired. Perhaps we are burnt out from our jobs and working too hard five times a week.

Because of that mentality, I felt bad stating what I need in order to be healthy and be able to do daily tasks. I felt like I was going to get in trouble, lose my job, and get scolded. I thought that I was going to get told that this is what I agreed to and I must do it or quit. This is what has happened in the past with employers. I ask for something and been told “no” and stated that if I cannot do what I am told I need to leave or I will be fired. Even in a simple retail environment. It is not that I do not want to work, it simply I cannot work as much because of my disability. Trust me, I want to work as many hours as I can. I could always use the money. Don’t we all? But I decided that I would rather live my life, then let it fly by at a job that I do not like. I’ve decided to adopt a new motto in my life:

“Work to live! Not live to work!”

Love you all,

Valerie (a.k.a Jersey Girl)


In this Shoot:

Top is by Lane Bryant

Jeans by Torrid

Shoes by Lane Bryant

Bag by Born





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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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