Jersey Shore: Alantic City


And now for my yearly Jersey Shore blog post. This year I’ve been going to Atlantic City, NJ this summer for my annual Jersey Shore time. On this day I went down to celebrate my mom’s birthday at the brand new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. These were taken at the beach right in front of the casino next to an old pier on the boardwalk.  I had to take some photographs underneath the pier. I do not know what happened to my photos when I was editing them they weren’t so grainy in my editing program.  I think I somehow underexpose them in my process. What was also funny, is that the pier’s boards are crooked. I do not know if they were built like this or because of years of wear and tear.

I was lucky this year because I was able to buy three brand new bathing suits for the season to wear to the beach. My favorite of the three would have to be this one. As you all might know, I actually like to mix and match my bikini tops and bottoms. This one is no different.  The bottoms I found in the store one day and they were a return in my size. I mean how serendipitous can you get? Turns out they are actually from Torrid’s the Little Mermaid Disney collection. I just love the color, the scale pattern and the little mesh cut out sides. It wasn’t because The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie when I was growing up. It just somehow it was a coincidence that they are.

The top I am absolutely in love in. I just love this crochet top, it such a great little number. For me it’s not just for swimming and the beach, I can wear it as a crop top, too. I can wear it running around town and no one will know that it is a bathing suit top. So it is a great day to night piece for the Jersey Shore. You can spend a day at the beach and then spend the night on the boardwalk in the same top. Which mean you pack fewer clothes for your day trip. What I did is I just put on a pair of dark denim shorts and wore my shear, black bathing suit cover-up on top of the crochet top and I had an outfit for the rest of the day there without having to change. I love things like this because recently I’ve been having days where I am out all day and then I have to be somewhere at night which has made it hard for me to change. I need more day to night pieces like this crochet bikini top



Now I am so sorry but I’ve been so busy. I have barely been on my computer for the past four days. I just had other things to do, such as playing catch-up with some old friends of mine. I haven’t seen some of these people in over a year and missed them deeply. So I had to sacrifice in not posting a photo in over a week on Instagram in order to do other things. I’ve also started the ball rolling in planning my wedding. I do have a date in mind but I do not want to announce it just yet. Not until I have a placed booked for that date, then I will let everyone know what my date is when I send out the save the dates invitations.  But for now, I cannot believe I am now planning my own wedding. I cannot wait to blog about my experience with you all.

I also have more, exiting photographs for you all soon. So, please make sure you are following my Instagram @jerseyfashionblog to see what I am into wearing lately.

I will keep in touch with you all!!


Love you all,

Valerie (a.k.a Jersey Girl)

In This Shoot:

Bikini Top by Torrid

Bikini Bottoms by Torrid:  Similar Here

Cover-up by Torrid



Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

2 thoughts on “Jersey Shore: Alantic City

  1. I love this look, I have the same top from torrid and I love it I wore it all summer it is so comfortable. These pictures are look beautiful in the it keep up the good work 😍😍😍


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