A Girl With Curves: Me Wearing the Limited Edition Collection by Lane Bryant








Okay so being a little bit a part of the plus size community, I still feel like I am not fully accepted, I learned pretty fast that a limited edition collection from a plus size influencer was coming to Lane Bryant. I thought to myself…. this could be really successful or a flop. I had to see the collection! After the Girl With Curves herself, Tanesha Awasthi slowly released pictures of the collection. I had my eye on some pieces and just knew I had to get some for two reasons. First, to support an influencer so other brands would be interested in this in the future. Second, because they are such good pieces and look good on every girl out there.

When I saw this medallion print I was on the fence on whether I to get it or not. It actually grew on me over time. Realizing that it was a unique print and a bold purple color, I knew that’s what I wanted to wear compared to something safe. Over time, I manage to see the entire collection and me personally, I actually loved it. But on to my next worry…. Is it going to be a hit or a flop with the public?

Well, September 9th came and the collection was launched for sale we all found out. Within 24 hours most of the collection was sold out online, including this dress. I was so happy for this success, it means that people are actually listening to influencers and social media is now having a grasp on consumerism. It’s showing that women what to see women that look like them and not the same size model that we’ve been seeing for years. Meaning that women are turning to social media to find women that look like them and seeing what they are doing. Not looking at television, magazines, or celebrities to see what they should be buying. It is now time for a new star to be part of media, now.

Now I was fast online to buy this dress the day it launched and I absolutely love it. I love the color and the silhouette of the dress. The material is nice; it’s not too thick but not too thin. It is great for this fall transition. I paired the dress with some ballet flats because I was walking around the city at the time. Yes, I finally did my first photo shoot in Philadelphia’s Old City district and I am so proud of myself. Doing this has given me the confidence to return to the city and shoot by myself. I cannot wait.

The one thing I like about shooting in Philadelphia is you get these amazing brick buildings and sidewalks, something you do not get in New York City. The bricks made a nice contrast to the color of the dress. Now, if I need an industrial looking background I just can walk a few blocks over in Philadelphia and I got it. It is so easy to do that in this city.

Well, if you are still interested in getting a few pieces from the Girl With Curves collection from Lane Bryant. I highly recommend you do as soon as possible. Even though Lane Bryant opened up their store inventory, it is still selling out. This is one collection you do not want to wait until it goes on sale.

Love you all,

Valerie (A.K.A Jersey Girl)

To Shop the Girl With Curves Collect Click Here

In this Shoot:

Dress by Lane Bryant

Necklace by Lane Bryant

Shoes by Lane Bryant


Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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