The Vintage Style of ModCloth


Everywhere I turn on Instagram or other blogger’s website one name I hear about is “ModCloth, ModCloth, ModCloth!” Obviously, most of these women are given some of their ModCloth outfits for free.  And get to wear them with pride and compensation for the advertisement on their personal page. Me being a tiny blogger with a small following, if I want to try clothes from a famous plus size brand I have to pay for it, myself. So purchasing this outfit was a special treat for me.  Well, any outfit I purchase is a treat to myself and that is why I love showing them to you.

When I went to the website I wanted to pick pieces that I can use multiple times over and over again. To get more bang for my buck and use them more often than just once.  The only issue is that I was confused with ModCloth sizing, I really didn’t know what size I might be. Even though I followed the chart, I was still a little wary of the actual truth of the size. I’m always am. Got to have the reason of doubt when it comes to any business and them wanting your money. That is why I have a tendency to stick to the same old brands because when you do try a new clothing brand you don’t know if the clothes run big or small. So what I got, I followed the sizing guide a little,  a Vanilla Milk Button-Up Top in 2X, Charter School Pullover Sweater in Ice Blue in 3X, and Brisk-Taker Wool Mini Skirt in Grey Plaid in 3X. And here is what happened. The Vanilla Milk top was too small, the Wool Mini Skirt was too big, and the Charter Sweater fit perfectly. So turns out I am a 3x on top and a 2x on the bottom when it comes to ModCloth clothing. So my guess if you are a bustier girl, like me, do size up in the shirts for ModCloth clothing brand. Unlike most plus size stores they do not compensate for the big boobs you can have.

I love the outfit and the quality of clothing. I plan on keeping the sweater and skirt for future outfits to share. The only thing I might replace and get a 3x in is the vanilla button-up shirt. It just doesn’t sit well on my body. I am always pulling it down trying to get it past my hips. In the meantime, I will keep it. As you know we are approaching a new year in about a month. Since I am planning for a wedding as well as other things unfortunately 2019 I will be ballin’ on a budget.  Yes, from now on it will be clearance items and whatever I can get on a discount from places. Unless I get some free clothes. But I do have plenty of ideas for you all in the next year, so do not worry. The creativity is still here and not going away.

Have a Happy Holidays!!!!


Love you all,

Valerie (a.k.a. Jersey Girl)

In This Shoot

Vanilla Milk Button-Up Top by ModCloth

Charter School Pullover Sweater by ModCloth

Brisk-Taker Wool Mini Skirt By ModCloth

Shoes by Lane Bryant



Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

One thought on “The Vintage Style of ModCloth

  1. Love the whole outfit, you really look great in the skirt and Sweater the colors are absolutely beautiful. I love it.keep up the great work


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