Styling a Pant Suit Three Different Ways: Part One



And welcome to another blog post. Today I am starting a three-part blog post.

Yes, a three-part blog post featuring these floral wide legs pants with matching blazer. I wanted to do something different in showing you how to style this in different ways. One of the biggest questions I get at work is “What would you pair this with?” Most woman will not wear or buy anything out of their comfort zone because they do not know how to style it and are too afraid to ask other people for help.

Another thing woman think when a pant, skirt, or blazer are sold separately they must buy each separate to make an outfit. That is not true. They are sold separately so you can mix and match pieces. You are more than welcome to buy what you like rather than the whole set. I also find this as a great bold move, like going against the status quo. Like being a rebel when it comes to pantsuits!

So in the first segment, I want to show you the top and the bottom. It makes sense showing you the full pantsuit first to see how it looks. Okay, so we have a black floral print suit with romantic roses and other red flowers all over it. How do we style it?

I recommend a solid color shirt underneath. The floral pantsuit is the statement piece here. I mean it could pretty much go with any color you can think of. I mean I went safe and did a black shirt. But you can go red, gray, white, and pretty much any shade of pink. You can even add a solid shirt with some sparkle to it or even a sequin shirt for the holidays if you want to be bold. Because my collar is high I added a long necklace, if it was a V-neck I would have added a shorter length necklace. My necklace is also layered and has many different lengths, so I can always tuck one in if I do not want to show all three. Dainty layered necklaces are what’s on trend right now on the runway.


As for shoes, I added these cute patient leather pointed toe Mary Janes, but you can do boots or even a flat underneath. I personally have been wearing booties underneath my wed leg pants this season. I like wearing a slight heal with wide leg pants because it creates a flowing motion when you walk, like a maxi skirt but better because they are pants. Nothing makes me feel more of a badass than having my wide leg pants flowing and the sound of my heals when I am walking.

Let’s also not forget the awesome handbag I got on sale at ASOS that I love so much! It so awesome! I’m trying to go with smaller handbags in my collection because I am trying to carry less stuff when I go out right now. Trying to declutter my handbags, plus having a larger handbag can be too heavy for me now. It is hard when you have fibromyalgia and arthritis, like me. I no longer can wear pretty shoulder bags because they hurt after carrying them for an hour. So I am usually stuck with a clutch, a satchel, or a cross body bag for an accessory.


In other news, I am trying to get a newsletter up and running for my website. If you sign up, you will be the first to know when I post a new blog article, important news, and sales in the plus size community, and many other things exclusive to newsletter subscribers. My long-term goal is to have a plus size community for Philadelphia and show how much us Philly girls rock.

More to come about the newsletter in the future.

Love you all,

Valerie (a.k.a your local Philly/Jersey Girl)


In This Shoot:

Rose Print Blazer by Lane Bryant

Rose Print Wideleg Pants by Lane Bryant

Crew Neck Shirt by Lane Bryant

Necklace by Lane Bryant

Mary Jane Shoes by Giani Bernini

Satchel Bag by AOSO


Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

One thought on “Styling a Pant Suit Three Different Ways: Part One

  1. Omg,this pantsuit is so beautiful .I love this .It’s so stylish and dressy you can wear it so many different ways. You look beautiful 😘😘😍😍😍❤❤❤

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