Styling a Pant Suit Three Different Ways: Part Two

Happy New Year followers and babes!!

After taking a few weeks off I am finally back with a fresh face and fresh ideas. I needed to take some time off before 2019 started because I will not get a break for the next 11 months.  Because of my wedding coming up very soon and less than a year to plan, I’ve decided that this year I should have a word… priority. I need to prioritize my life this year on account that I will be spinning in all these directions this year.

So the one thing I got this year that I haven’t had since college is a monthly planner. So I can plan my life out week by week because I will be trying to blog, work, wedding plan, doctor appointments, as well as, getting back to the gym three times a week. You see why I need to prioritize.

This month is about closing and opening. Finishing things, I started last year and starting new chapters in my blog. Putting final caps on things I started last year. And this month my goal is to wrap up this three-part series I started last month. I’ve finally finished part two of this adventure.

So for this one, I styled everything around the blazer. I love wearing tops that you normally never wear with fashion jackets or work attire related clothes. The one thing I am into is trying to play-up the jeans and a t-shirt look. So what it did for this blazer, is I took my Iron Maiden shirt, some black jeans, and a rose gold belt that pops. I added this crossbody bag and of course these cute burgundy boots that I just got. And now you got an up-scale jeans and a t-shirt outfit. You see, you never know what items can go with other items unless you try or think about it. Would you think this floral blazer would ever go with an Iron Maiden t-shirt? I would have. Unless someone would have shown me I could do this.

I really like this high-end casual look for work. Becuae I have the comfort of jeans and a t-shirt that I need because I am constantly running around not even getting a chance to breath. But I can look put together too. What kind of things you like to do with jeans and t-shirt? I might copy off of you. Let me know in the comments below.

-With love,

Jersey Fashion Blog

In This Shoot:

Rose Print Blazer by Lane Bryant

 T-shirt by Torrid

Jeans by Torrid

Reversable Rose Gold Belt by Lane Bryant

Booties by Lane Bryant

Cross Body Bag by ASOS

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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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