Styling a Pant Suit Three Different Ways: Part Three

Okay, we are almost done the month of January. Ugh! And I wanted to get at least three blog post up by the end of the month! But I guess two is better than none blog articles. The monthly planner is definitely working. I did not get everything I wanted to be done this month but I sure got a lot more than I usually do, because I had everything written down in one place.

So we are finally on to our last part of this three-part series. And this time I styled the pants and I went baggy. As plus size girls we are usually told that if we wear something baggy on top we should wear something tight on the bottom and vice versa, if we wear something baggy on the bottom we should wear something form fitting on the top. And do not get me wrong on that, it is a great rule to follow when you are shopping or trying to put together an outfit.

But being plus size, large, or just fat; we are usually told that if everything you are wearing is baggy it’s going to make you look even bigger than you really are. I say “to hell with that!” If straight-size girls can do it once in a while so can us double-digit size girls, too. And that is exactly what I did. I wanted to wear a chunky sweater with these awesome wide leg pants so I threw that fashion rule out the window for this outfit.  

When it comes to fashion rules, they are more like guidelines. That is the word I should be saying, “fashion guidelines”. Because pretty much fashion rules are similar to the English language, there are always exceptions. And when it comes to baggy on top, form-fitting on the bottom and vice versa. I consider this outfit an exception to the rule. And even though I am wearing nothing but baggy clothes, I still look awesome and I do not even look too big. And you are more than welcome to do the same thing. Never let your body type prevent you from wearing what you want to wear that day or any day.

The weather…. Yes! But not your body type.

I am tired of hearing women saying that this or that doesn’t look good on them. Or they cannot wear this because it exposes their arms, but they love the way it looks. Working in a plus size retail store, ladies are always coming out of the fitting room asking if this “looks right” on them. And I never see anything wrong unless the patterns and colors do not match or the size is too small or too large. But it always looks the way it is supposed to fit on them.

The one thing I’ve learned is when it comes to our appearance is that we are our worse critic. Not many people judge you unless you are a public figure. Most people with normal social skills do not care or even say anything because it is impolite. Unless it is the internet which they are hiding behind a persona and even then they are not properly functioning human beings. Even in their mundane lives they are not normal functioning members of society and are probably hated by others who have met them personally, that is why they have to hide under a fake username.

So, if anyone says anything bad or hurtful without being constructive to help you become a better person, this is what I always say; “People who do not act with proper social skills either need to be on something or off of something.”  

Love you all,


In This Shoot:

Chenille Tunic Sweater by Lane Bryant

Wide Leg Pants by Lane Bryant

Western Booties by Boo Hoo

Wedding Planning News

Now for an up to date on the wedding planning. There is nothing much going on right now for wedding planning. Things will not get rolling completely until I have booked the cater and have the wedding registry done. Since we are doing a honeymoon registry, I still have to go to a travel agency. Right now I am just try find a great cater. Since someone backed out of not giving an much money towards the wedding as they planned, I have to worry now if we can even afford the wedding we want. It is causing alot of stress and I might have to edit my guest list. I am hoping to get the next two things done by February and I will be able to update my wedding website for all my guest. It’s just been so hard with my work schedule to do everything within a month, but now that I have an extra free day it should get easier.

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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

One thought on “Styling a Pant Suit Three Different Ways: Part Three

  1. I love this look and I agree you should be able to wear whatever you want and still look good that is very good advice because we all worry about what people think


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