Big Red Coat

And welcome to another blog post done by yours truly.

I know spring is here, especially in New Jersey, but I have one winter look to post before I show you all my spring/summer of 2019 looks. Like typical me, I am running behind, but spring really hasn’t sprung here in New Jersey until last week, April 1st.  So I was still wearing coats until last week. I bet some of you that are further north are still wearing sweaters and coats waiting for warmer weather to come.

Okay, so the one thing I wanted in my wardrobe that I think is personally an essential is a red coat. I’ve been looking for one that I particularly like for about two years now. When browsing my favorite plus size fashion websites winter collections I saw this red coat by ASOS and it was perfect. But I did not want to get it just yet. So, I waited until this coat was on sale but too far along in the season that they wouldn’t have my size but I didn’t pay full price. Now that I have it how will I style it?

Lucky for me I bought these red pants on sale from Lane Bryant and they exactly matched. Now, if I was going out on my own I would have worn a mesh top, you know the ones that show your bra or you can wear a cami. I would have just gone with my black satin bra, though. But since I was going to work this day I just wore my polka dot blouse instead for modesty purpose. Once again since I was a work, I shot these photos in between work and a doctor’s appointment, I wore these comfy oxfords Clarks that are slowly growing on me for looks. I just don’t like the way oxfords look on me.

But with styling a red coat make sure your red is a true red like the one I have, and if you have red in your outfit that day make sure the reds match. Reds can be terrible looking together when they do not match. But I think a red coat is a great way to draw attention to yourself and make a statement. And it canbe easy to style since the red coat is the statement piece. I am so lucky that I found “the one” when it comes to a red coat. I just love the classic silhouette of this coat, very business attire. If you are still looking keep your eye out, you never know when are where you might fond one that you like. And if you see it then and there make sure it get it right there. Like most things in the plus size world it sells out quickly in your size. That’s one of the things that agervate me in plus size fashion, the nice stuff sells out quickly because fashion companies never make enough.

Please enjoy my last winter look of the season. I cannot wait for the spring and summer to show you all more looks.

Love you all,


In This Shoot:

Coat by ASOS

Pants by Lane Bryant

Shirt by Vintage Torrid

Shoes by Clarks

Necklace by Lane Bryant

Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

One thought on “Big Red Coat

  1. I love, love this look. The coat is just gorgeous the pants are sharp the color is beautiful red .Red is my favorite color this whole look is gorgeous I just love it. I look forward to seeing your blog can’t wait for all the new fall fashions


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