About Me

I am a woman living in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  I’m plus size artists/photography and not a professional model.

I grew up and live in South Jersey all my life.  I am a Philadelphian, not a New Yorker!

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression. I want to show the world my artistic skill and photography as well as painting. I used to be a printmaker and painter but my condition has prevented me from doing that for years. As the years have gone by I am slowing getting back into painting. I am trying to do photography and painting at the same time.

My subject matter tends to be myself and what is around me. I like to go to different local places and photograph, mainly parks but also other outdoor places. I use my isolated landscapes photos for my paintings and my photography I use myself as model. Because of my subject matter, I also like fashion and beauty. It is strange, I know, but it is what I like.

My message for the world is: no matter what size or what you look like you can always have a great photograph of yourself. Do not deny taking pictures because of what you look like. Do not deny yourself anything because of your size or looks!

Right now, I am the mom for two fur babies: Boba Fett (orange tabby cat) and Bella (a Yorkie).

If you like what you see follow me for updates, life, and trends. I have all sorts of soical media pages.

-Valerie Pantalone

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