Here are my paintings that I do. I paint colorful landscapes in acrylic.

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I am a 33 year-old photographer and painter. I paint landscapes and I use myself as a model in my photography. I use my isolated landscape photographs for my paintings as subject matter. I want to show the world how I perceive color because it is different for me personally. I find nature to be the most colorful for me. But I also want to show the simplification and chaos that is actually in nature that us humans always try to organize.

I was a printmaking/book arts major at the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia but when I transferred to Rowan University for Art Education I fell into painting and notice my natural skills with them.

This is what I do after work. Painting and photography are my passions and hobbies. It would be nice to get involved more with my local art community. What else I enjoy is true crime, the unknown, mysteries, science, and pretty much anything nerdy or intelligent.


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Blackwood, NJ

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